G1G, a top travel insurance broker in Northern California, and I partnered to firmly establish their presence on the web. The result was a fully responsive eCommerce website and the establishment of their UX/UI library and brand style guide.

Who Are The Users

The G1G sales team was a big help in identifying who the main users groups were. Their experiences with customer calls was instrumental in this process.

The Userflow

Taking the personas and translating them into user objectives was the next step in G1G.com. Working with the sales team, they provided great insight into this. We put together a detailed user flow with solutions for each of the objectives.

The First Interaction - Creating a Better User Story

A quick competitive analysis found that competitors main quote form either had a vague user story or mixed transactional and trip info together, creating a "I need to buy travel insurance" story.

We could do better. The user story I devised after talking to the sales team was "I want to comparison shop" story. This story made for an extremely quick, understandable first interaction and allowed users to take their first step in the customer journey much faster than competitors.

The Main Form Design

The translation of the wireframes. This form was the start of the purchasing process; something we had to get correct. Also, there was a lot of varied information required. The trick was simplifying the UI and making it very intuitive to the user, both for desktop and mobile. 

The Site Design

Starting with wireframing, then design, we made ease-of-purchase the main focus of the site along with creating a meaningful UI system. Over 50 pages were designed with numerous page states, including a full user account section.

Sample of the UI and Brand Style Guide

A sample of the G1G ui library and style guide. These documents included photography guidelines, typography, UI design, layout and grid, colors, and more.