Sprint was the title sponsor of NASCAR and wanted an engaging online experience for NASCAR fans, one which they could also run frequent sales and promotions at a moment's notice.

A Completely Interchangeable Homepage and App

The first step was coming up with a grid and layout system that could accommodate a wide variety of content, from promo sales to contents to entertaining content. Each of these pieces would have to work anywhere on the homepage, switching places with any other piece.  

The Website Design

For content, our team came up a number of fun ideas, like interactive slot car racing and streaming the 1979 Daytona 500. Designing the experience, I gave the site and app their own distinct look while still laddering up to Sprint's brand.

"Fast Talk" was a widget we created that displayed all the drivers tweets and news from the previous week. The more a driver was chatted about, the larger their number grew.

"Slot Car Racing" allowed users to play against each other on the track of their choice. Top scores were awarded with prizes.

"Dash Blaster" was an interactive audio player that streamed curated driver conversation with their pits from the previous race.

The Speed Mobile App

I designed the Speed mobile app simultaneously with the website. All promotions had to function within the space of the app and website at the same time...quite the challenge for the design.

The Retail Component

A big reason for the creation of the site and app were sale promotions. We created over 60+ promos on the app and website throughout the year, all done using the design guide and templates I developed.

And a sample of some of the sales promotions we created.