was the lifeblood for Toyota dealers, having over 50 million visits a year. Lead generation was down year-over-year and Toyota wanted our team at Organic to rethink the site from the ground up.

The Personas

Toyota did extensive customer research on the old site. After pouring through all the findings, we managed to separate out the pain points into two broad user groups.

The Userflow

The site's business objective was simple: customer lead generation. The old site had confusing user paths and objectives were vague. We simplified the paths while expanding the features to solve for the pain points. 

Homepage Design, Mobile-First 

Our user objectives and userflow translated nicely into the site design (note the navigation), starting with the homepage. We used a mobile-first approach, not starting on desktop until mobile was approved.

The Filtering

A major complaint was the difficulty using the bloated filtering on the list pages. The Information Architect and myself ruthlessly simplified this, making it as intuitive as possible on desktop and especially mobile. 

And the design of the wireframe, in context of the page.

The Interior Page Designs

After homepage approval and establishing an overall design style, we finished over 40+ pages for the site, from wireframing to design. 

And the full mobile designs.