Kashi WOM Program

Kashi ran a semi-annual marketing program called Word-of-Mouth (WOM). I teamed with them on this program, developing the concept and executing it across all their media channels.

The Concept

Kashi was known as a fun, quirky brand. They wanted this WOM campaign lighthearted, yet have serious information the antioxidants in Kashi cereal and other products. My writer and I presented a number of concepts to Kashi...like the "superhero" idea.

The Website Design

To execute the idea, I designed the campaign to look like a comic, with Kashi as the "superhero." I used earth-tones and lighter colors to keep the design inline with Kashi's brand.

The Site's Animation

When a user engaged the nav, the pieces of old scene would animate out of frame and the new scene would animate in. The dev firm Kashi hired did an outstanding job bringing this to life.

The Interior Pages and Content

For the WOM site, we produced over 50 quiz questions, 6 quizzes, and 40+ heart-health tips for the site. Below are some pages and content. 

The External Marketing

My writer and I also created all the external marketing materials for the campaign including all the emails and social posts.

The Direct-Mail Comic

I designed this comic that was mailed with the sample box. I did the full design, including the character illustrations.