Best Buy Sale Pages

My UX team was responsible for all the HBG sales pages and entry points. We worked extensively with the testing group and business leads to increase sales 20% YoY to over $500 million.

Role  –  Associate Creative Director, UX

UX Team  –  6 UX designers

Sales graphic that says 25% off sale.

The start of the a sale

1. Define the sales objectives

Working with the business stakeholders, my team would help create a sale brief that defined specific sale outcomes. We'd use similar past sales as the control group.

2. Define the hypothesis

Next we'd work with the business leads to define a hypothesis to why a split test version B might outperform a version A.

3. Do we have statistical confidence?

After the testing ran, we'd examine the results with the business leads and testing team and see if gained statistical confidence that B outperformed A. We'd also look at click/tap hotspots, demographic breakdowns, etc and gain learnings from it.

The forumla

My team used this simple formula as a way to clearly define test objectives and outcomes.

We believe that ___ change(s) will result in the outcome ___ because ___.
Forumla of A/B test stating that focusing on a sku offer will increase high-end conversions.

Control group

The control designs used for testing, with a 40% off offer only.

Test group

The test designs used for testing, with both a 40% off and a product sale offer.

Sales increases of 20% YoY

By continuous testing, gaining learnings and refining our sale pages, we managed to increase sales about 20% year over year from the previous year.