was the lifeblood for Toyota dealers, having over 500 million visits a year. Lead generation was down and Toyota wanted our team at Organic to find out why and fix it.

Role  –  Senior UX/UI Designer

UX Team  –  4 UX Designers

Zoomed in portion of website

Leads are down, dealers unhappy

We poured through the analytics and talked to local dealers and users to find out why buyer leads had fallen so much. After a few weeks of research and user interviews, we managed to segment all users into two broad categories with their specific pain points about the old experience.

The deal seaker  - user persona
The info seaker - user persona

Features and determining the MVP

We spent several days with the Toyota CX / Marketing team brainstorming improvements and new features to solve the user pain points. We then card sorted them to identify the most important set that would have the highest impact at the lowest cost.

Card sort for MVP

Users overwhlemed by the links and flows

The old site's main nav had over 25 different links and users were confused by the overlapping flows. We simplified and ligned the nav with the user objectives and corrected the very complex userflows to get to a conversion (dealer contact) fast. user flows

And the resulting homepage design

Our user objectives and new navigation translated nicely into much simplier site design, especially the main navigation below. homepage design

Rethinking the filtering

Our initial user research revealed one of the biggest complaints was the overly-verbose filtering, particularly in mobile. The Information Architect and I ruthlessly simplified and user tested a number of filtering configurations with this setup being the clear winner with users.

The filtering wireframe
The filtering design

templating the dealership pages

Dealerships were allowed to create custom pages...with bad results  —  missing info, wildly different designs, bad navigation, poor SEO, etc. User research and analytics helped us determine what information users actually wanted, while still weighing the business objectives.

After determining the information priorities, we user tested a number of configurations. Both user personas gravitated toward the winner, liking the IA and layout. The dealerships also liked it as well.

The dealership wireframes
The dealership designs

The Interior Page Designs

After homepage approval and establishing an overall design style, we finished over 70+ pages for the site, from wireframing to design.

The pro app search

More connections between buyers and dealers

While dealers weren't happy about taking away their ability to customize their pages, they soon got over it. Bounce rates and exit rates were much lower 4 months post-launch. And conversions were up over 30% from the previous years time.