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G1G eCommerce website and UI style guide


G1G, a top travel insurance broker, and I partnered to completely rethink their platform. The result was a much higher conversion rate, less calls to customer support and a better user experience.

Role  –  Senior UX/UI Designer

UX Team  – 

Collage of G1G website pages

Users needs had evolved, the site had not

Initial user interviews I conducted revealed that the old site was failing users and customer support in numerous ways. We created user personas and card-sorted new features to help with the problems.

The Cheapskate - user persona
The Clueless - user persona
The Good Shopper - user persona
Customer Service - user persona

Simply the customer userflows

I untangled the old site's userflows and simplified them, in particular the main path to conversion down to 4 simple steps.

Customer userflows

Supporting the right customer

Registered users - who accounted for 75% of the revenue - needed support priority. For new users it should be a last resort, while still giving them clear avenues for answers. I designed the flows to meet these objectives.

Customer service userflows

Condense the main form

The complex mult-step main form was the biggest user complaint and exit point. We user tested/iterated numerous approaches, arriving at this interface. The key was to make the form read like a sentence about the user's trip.

Main form wireframe
Main form design, including mobile

Relaunch and success

User loved the new features: the new main form, better filtering, simplified taxonomy, advanced comparison features and more.

Site design, including mobile

A new UI system and style guide

A sample of the G1G UI library and style guide. The UI library and components were based on Atomic design principles and UX best practices.

Sample of UI library

Increased conversions, less call center help need

The relaunch was a big success, resulting in a 25% increase in conversions from the main page in the first 4 months. Call center calls from new customer were dramatically down as well.