My thought on a bit of everything. Ideas on UX and UI design, examples of my code for use, my various experiments in the kitchen. The occasional rants as well.

The 15 golden rules of successful freelancing

I spent 7 years as an interactive and UX design freelancer and was extremely successful at it. Here are a few rules to help you start freelancing and be successful.

Observations of an electric car owner

I've owned my trusty little Fiat500 electric for 4 years. I have no idea the price of gas. Or oil. I can blow past most cars from a red light.

Learn from my mistakes: how to not completely bomb a job interview

Halfway through my group interview, the head of the UX team asked me, "Did you even read the job description?"

My easy homemade pizza dough recipe

My simple 6 ingredient pizza dough recipe. Yeast, water, flour, salt, sugar and garlic is all you need.

The day i deleted my website

And started over. My old site was countless hours of code, design, and building the content. Then, one day, I threw it away.