Originally an art director, I transitioned into interactive and UX design and strategy. Most recently I served as Associate Creative Director of UX and design for the E-Commerce Experience team at Best Buy.

Where I've Worked

Freelance Interactive & UX Designer



Back doing my freelance thing, this time in the greater Minneapolis area.

Associate Creative Director, Web & UX Design

6.15 - 9.16

Best Buy, E-Commerce Experience

Lead 6 UX / designers on all facets of the Best Buy website within the Home Business Group categories (appliances, TVs, etc). Managed UX and design efforts on sale pages, custom experience, web applications, holiday campaigns and more.

Senior Web & UX Designer (contract)

6.14 - 6.15

Best Buy, E-Commerce Experience

Lead UX and web designer on various Best Buy properties including the Bestbuy.com home page, wedding registry, moving guide, 3D product viewer, and more.

Freelance Interactive & UX Designer

6.12 - 7.14


Freelanced UX design and web design at various San Francisco interactive firms including Organic interactive, R/GA, School of Thought, WHM, Iron Studios, Factor, and RealBranding interactive as well as numerous direct-to-client gigs. Worked on brands such as Toyota, Levis, Lipton, Samsung and more.

freelance interactive art director / ACD

1.09 - 6.12


Was the Associate Creative Director on the Wells Fargo interactive account at McCann Erikson SF for 11 months. Also did long-term freelance gigs at numerous San Francisco agencies include Goodby Silverstein and Partners, BBDO, and Havas Worldwide.

junior art director

12.07 - 1.09

Bulter Shine Stern

Worked on the various print, tv and interactive projects for MINI Cooper, Priceline.com, Lucas Arts, Epson accounts and new business.

What I Do For Fun

Writing CodeIt's no bullshit when I say I know code. It's not just a bullet point on my resume. Learning new languages, patterns, and ideas...to see an idea come to life. This is what I love. I'm most proud of Grid.css, a responsive CSS and JS framework I authored.

Go to Grid-css.org

Baking Homemade PizzaI've been making my own homemade pizza, and a mess in the kitchen, for years. Through trial and error, I like to think my homemade pizza crust is pretty darn good. In fact, I'll call it the best on the Internet.

My Homemade Pizza Crust Recipe

Building Legos with My SonMe and my son Stewart, we love the legos. He's very particular about the things we make, constantly saying "No. No. No." when Daddy puts a lego in the wrong place. And, after we're done, we get a kick out of knocking the buildings over.